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Our Gold Coast Commercial Lawyers

Dedicated to Protecting & Growing Gold Coast Businesses

Every business owner knows the challenges of running an operation. At Arcuri Turnbull Law our Business and Commercial lawyers know you want to protect your efforts and grow your opportunities. We understand your priorities and have helped hundreds of people on the Gold Coast to build their business and avoid exposure. We’re not your average suit-wearing, jargon-spouting lawyers. We’re the team who understands what is important to your business success. We know the juggle that is owning a business, and deliver commercial, practical advice which will save you time, money and a whole lot of effort.

Whether you’re a sole trader, a company, or a dynamic partnership, we’ve got your back and will be by your side with a range of Business and Commercial services to help you thrive and evolve.

We’ve been helping businesses on the Gold Coast for decades, gaining a reputation as the go-to lawyers for commercial advice on Business Structuring, Buying and Selling a Business, Retail and Commercial Leasing, General Agreements, Franchising and Contracts.

A client listening to one of our Gold Coast Business Lawyers

We Provide Real World Business Legal Advice

We’ve got the “Time in the Game ” as business owners ourselves. We have real-world experience in business operations, hospitality, commercial and retail leasing and many other areas. This allows us to identify issues quickly, provide sound advice clearly and lessen your load.

We apply Australian laws to your scenario and advise the best way to reach your goals. Whether you’re kickstarting a business, fine-tuning its structure, diving into franchises, belting out service agreements or dealing with troublesome contract breaches, our expertise and local knowledge means that you have a legal advisor that puts you back in control with a clear path forward.

Are you:

  • Struggling with the minefield of starting a business?
  • Trying to agree on a Business Partnership or Shareholder Agreement
  • In the middle of a Commercial Leasing dispute
  • Dealing with franchisee or franchisor needing disclosure documents or new, agreements

Need help in:

  • Setting up supply Contracts
  • Structuring a business?
  • Business or Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Agreements
  • Debt recovery

We’ve honed our skills working with individuals, family business and small to medium concerns on the Gold Coast. We’re well connected with local business brokers, Property Managers, Accountants and body corporates. We know the ropes, and we’re ready to navigate even the trickiest legal situations, including:

  • Contracts that make your head spin
  • Contract breaches that throw your plans sideways
  • Buying or Selling a business
  • Negotiating Shareholder Agreements
  • Taking the leap into business ownership, whether as a sole trader, partnership, trust or joint venture
  • Crafting the perfect structure for your business
  • Helping you as a franchisor or franchisee
  • Creating bulletproof business services agreements
Our Senior Business Solicitors Dominic Arcuri LL.B and Lionel Turnbull LL.B

The Business and Commercial Lawyers you can trust

We’re not your ordinary lawyers – we’re your professional advisers who understand your needs better than anyone else. We’ve got that extra edge, spotting the hidden issues that others might miss and offering commercial and personal insights that will make doing business so much easier.

At Arcuri Turnbull Law, we don’t just serve up legal advice – we serve up life-changing solutions. Our commitment is to put you at the centre of everything we do, consulting and partnering with you every step of the way. We listen carefully and thoroughly explain our advice. We will take you through each step of the document and share what we know. We know things are harder without collaboration and we ensure to pass on as much knowledge so the decisions you make are based on solid reasoned information.

Flexibility and accessibility are our middle names. We are able to provide fixed or capped quotes in most areas of advice and documentation. We can chat from anywhere – over the phone, virtually, at your business or ours. We’re here to help make your business successful. Contact us today and work with our specialists based on the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW.

We're Not Just Your Lawyers: We're Your Business Partners

When you join forces with Arcuri Turnbull Law, you’re not just getting legal support for the here and now – you’re getting a lifelong partnership that will guide you through every twist and turn on your business journey.

We’re not your average law firm; we’re the game-changers who put your individual and business legal needs above everything else. We consult, we partner and we keep the endgame in sight. Together, we’ll drive both the big-picture goals and the finest details, making sure you come out on top.

Our Commercial and Business Law Services

Effective business structuring is key to your business’ success and protection. We guide you through selecting the optimal structure for your needs, considering tax implications, liability, and growth potential. Our expertise ensures your business foundation is solid, adaptable, and legally compliant, positioning you for enduring success.

Navigating the complexities of buying or selling a business requires meticulous attention. We provide comprehensive support, from due diligence to final transactions, ensuring a smooth process. Our focus is on safeguarding your interests, maximising value, and minimising legal risks throughout the transition.

Retail and commercial leasing involve nuanced negotiations and legal considerations. We offer expert advice on lease agreements, ensuring they meet your business objectives while protecting your rights. Our support covers negotiations, renewals, and dispute resolution, helping you secure favourable terms in a competitive market.

Contracts are the backbone of business operations. We specialise in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts that align with your business goals and minimise risks. Our thorough approach ensures your agreements are clear, enforceable, and tailored to your specific needs, providing peace of mind in every transaction.

Employment law

We offer guidance on employment contracts, workplace disputes, and compliance with employment legislation, ensuring both employers and employees are protected. Our focus is on resolving issues efficiently, and minimising disruption while upholding rights and obligations within the workplace.


We advise both franchisors and franchisees on agreements, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution. Our goal is to navigate the intricacies of franchising law to protect your interests, ensuring your venture’s success through clear, strategic legal guidance.

Facing a commercial dispute? We provide unmatched legal representation

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Our team of litigation lawyers provide expertise in resolving legal disputes. We understand the importance of swift resolution when feasible, and the necessity of focused and capable representation when litigation becomes inevitable. 

With our extensive experience, we offer adept guidance and assistance in managing a diverse array of commercial law and business disputes. 

We are dedicated to minimising the impact of disputes and litigation on the businesses of our SME clients and have successfully handled disputes encompassing:

  • General commercial matters
  • Building and construction issues
  • Contractual conflicts
  • Compulsory land acquisitions
  • Leasing disagreements
  • Employment matters
  • Franchise conflicts
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Property issues
  • Taxation matters
  • Partnership disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency issues
  • Company affairs
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Shareholder disputes

If you’d like to learn how our seasoned team can help you overcome your commercial dispute, book a free consultation to discuss your options today!

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Why Choose Us

Understanding the value of predictability in legal expenses, we predominantly offer fixed-price services for most of our commercial law matters. 

This approach ensures you have clear visibility over your costs from the outset, allowing you to budget effectively without the worry of unexpected legal fees. 

Our commitment to transparency in pricing reflects our dedication to providing value-driven, accessible legal support to our clients.

You gain access to seasoned expertise and tailored advice, ensuring your commercial legal matters are handled efficiently and effectively. 

This experience translates into strategic solutions for you, designed to efficiently navigate whatever legal matter or challenge you’re facing, safeguarding your interests and fostering your business’s growth.

Our commitment is to build long-term relationships with you, offering legal advice that not only addresses immediate concerns but also anticipates and prepares for future challenges. 

With our collaborative approach, we can offer proactive legal strategies that ensure your business’ stability and growth. 

We’re not just your lawyer, but your business partner and advisor who wants to grow with you.

We recognise that legal challenges often extend beyond traditional boundaries, requiring tailored solutions. 

Our lateral problem-solving combines creativity with deep legal expertise to find innovative solutions that others might overlook. 

This unique approach allows us to tackle your business’s most complex issues head-on, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth. 

With us, you gain a partner skilled in thinking outside the conventional legal framework, ensuring your business not only navigates legal hurdles but excels in doing so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We handle business disputes and litigation by first seeking to understand the specifics of the issue and the desired outcomes of our clients. Our approach focuses on resolving disputes efficiently through negotiation and mediation to avoid the costs and delays of court proceedings whenever possible. However, if litigation is necessary, we have a robust team experienced in representing clients in court and through the arbitration process. We handle a range of disputes including contractual issues, shareholder disputes, employment grievances, and intellectual property infringements.

Small businesses often face legal issues such as non-compliance with regulatory requirements, contractual disputes with vendors or customers, employment law issues (such as wrongful termination or discrimination claims), difficulties in debt collection, and challenges in protecting intellectual property. Understanding and navigating these issues requires sound legal advice to prevent disputes and ensure the business operates smoothly.

Ensuring compliance with Australian business laws involves staying informed about all relevant laws and regulations that affect your business, which can include employment laws, safety standards, consumer protection laws, and industry-specific regulations. Working with a legal advisor is advisable to conduct regular compliance audits, implement appropriate policies and procedures, and receive updates on any changes in legislation. Legal support can help you manage risk and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Yes, we offer ongoing legal support for businesses to ensure they continue to operate within the legal framework effectively and efficiently. Our ongoing services include regular legal audits, updating documents as needed, ongoing compliance checks, and providing advice on any legal matters that arise. This proactive approach helps businesses address potential legal issues before they become problematic and ensures they are well-prepared to handle any challenges that may arise.

For new business startups, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services designed to establish a solid foundation for a successful enterprise. These services include advising on business structure, drafting and reviewing foundational documents such as partnership agreements and shareholder agreements, registering the business with relevant authorities, protecting intellectual property, and ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations. We also provide guidance on employment laws, tax obligations, and ongoing legal requirements.

Yes, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable business structure based on your company’s needs, goals, and the nature of your industry. We evaluate factors such as potential for growth, tax implications, liability concerns, and investment needs to recommend the best structure, whether it be a sole trader, partnership, private limited company (Pty Ltd), or trust. Our goal is to provide a structure that offers optimal flexibility, protection, and advantage for your business operations.

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