Child support is more than just a legal obligation; it’s a reflection of the shared responsibility parents have towards their children. For over 40 years, Arcuri Turnbull Law has been helping parents on the Gold Coast navigate this often complex aspect of family law. With clarity and trust at our core, we’re here to shed light on how child support works in Queensland.

How Does Child Support Work?

Child support comes from the idea that both parents, whether living together or apart, should contribute to the financial well-being of their children. It ensures that children receive adequate care and have the best chance at maintaining their lifestyle post their parents separation. In essence, child support is about the child’s right to receive support from both parents.

The Gold Coast, like the rest of Queensland, adheres to a structured system for child support. It’s determined based on a set of guidelines that consider the child’s needs and the parents’ capacity to pay.

Legal Responsibilities of Parents: Family Law Amendment Bill 2023 repealed the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility when making parenting orders. Parents can continue to agree with joint decision-making about major long term issues of the children for the best interest of the child.

Factors Influencing Child Support: Several elements play a role in the child support arrangement. This includes the income of both parents, the child’s living arrangements, the child’s age, and special needs or considerations that might impact expenses.

Determining How Much Child Support You Will Pay

Wondering how much child support you will need to pay is a common question and concern. While there are online calculators that offer a ballpark figure, it’s essential to understand that these are general tools and don’t take into account special needs of the child like:

  • medical expenses
  • health insurance expenses
  • excursions and extracurricular activities costs
  • interstate and international travel expenses
  • any other special circumstances

When it comes to child support arrangements, parents have flexibility in choosing the approach that best suits their needs and circumstances. At Arcuri Turnbull Law, we are committed to guiding you through this process and ensuring that your child’s well-being remains a top priority.

Private Agreements

Parents who agree on the amount of financial support for their children can opt for private agreements. These agreements can be informal or formal and are typically documented in writing. There are two primary types of private agreements:

Binding Child Support Agreement:

This legally binding agreement can be established without the need for a child support assessment. It offers a high degree of flexibility and can accommodate various family situations.

Limited Child Support Agreement:

This agreement must be accompanied by a child support assessment. It is applicable when the agreed-upon child support amount is equal to or greater than the assessment.

Child Support Agency Assessment

Alternatively, parents who are unable to agree on child support terms or prefer a more structured approach can turn to the Child Support Agency. The agency assesses child support based on factors such as the number of days each parent cares for the child and their respective incomes. This assessment ensures an objective and fair determination of child support obligations.

What Does Child Support Actually Cover?

Child support isn’t limited to basic necessities. It is also there to cover things like:

  • Education: From school fees to uniforms and even extracurricular activities.
  • Healthcare: Medical appointments, medications, therapies, and more.
  • Living Expenses: Food, clothing, housing, and utilities.
  • Recreation: Costs associated with hobbies, sports, and other leisure activities.

It’s crucial to understand that child support money plays a holistic role in supporting a child’s overall well-being.

Seeking Child Support Clarity with Arcuri Turnbull Law

The intricacies of child support can be daunting, and navigating them alone can lead to unnecessary stress and tension between separating partners. With Arcuri Turnbull Law’s dedicated team by your side, you can be assured of precise, empathetic, and results-oriented guidance.

We’re more than just child support lawyers; we’re a partner in this journey. Whether you’re trying to understand your obligations or believe you’re not receiving the rightful amount for your child, our expertise is here to guide and assist.

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