The Arcuri Turnbull Law team believe that everyone deserves to choose what their future looks like. 

With over 40 years of experience in helping clients with separation, divorce and family law advice we have seen a lot. 

We know the barriers to separation can be immense and have helped many to gain the freedom and financial outcomes they deserve. 

We have partnered with JustFund, to assist clients with an affordable and flexible line of credit and together we advocate for equality and dignity, believing that lending extends beyond mere financial support. 

JustFund empowers our clients to embrace a brighter future by providing the support and funds they deserve, particularly during vulnerable times like divorce.

Our mission is to assist clients who need to access our family law services but are struggling with legal fees. 

We know people often need a plan and we work with JustFund to ensure access to an affordable and flexible line of credit, easing the stress of separation and ensuring a fair financial outcome.

Just like Arcuri Turnbull Law, JustFund focuses on your unique circumstances and legal entitlement, not just standard metrics like income or credit score.

Together with our experienced team of family lawyers, we will support you through your application. 

With JustFund:

  1. Easy Application: Applying takes only 10-25 minutes, is free, and comes with no obligation to proceed.
  2. Repayment Flexibility: You only repay fees after finalizing your property settlement post-separation.
  3. Pay for What You Use: If your matter resolves quickly and costs less, you only pay interest on the funds used.
  4. No Credit Score Impact: Applying won’t affect your credit score.
  5. Control Over Expenses: We pay legal bills and expenses only with your express approval.
  6. Access Quality Advice: Engage our family lawyers and advisors for the best and fairest outcome.

We know the importance of making divorce more manageable, ensuring everyone has access to quality legal representation without financial strain. 

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